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Killing a Chicken, Part 2

March 8, 2011

Warning – more gruesome content…

So last time I got as far as the pluck.  Now it’s time for knives.  Sharp ones.

I made the first cut from the neck down to the breast bone.  In here you’ll find the neck bones, the oesophagus, and the crop.  Apparently the crop is where they store their grain and bugs until they feel like digesting them.  The idea of doing the deed first thing in the morning to avoid this being full, but I guess the neck snapping put paid to this.  It wasn’t off or anything, it was just mushy.

IMG_0706 To clean this end, you reach in and pull the crop and oesophagus away from the carcass and gently tease it out.

Then, you cut a hole around her bum and continue this up towards where her belly button might be.

the cat, she was interested. And THEN, you get your lovely wife to stick her hand in there and pull everything out.


This is very graphic, and 6 minutes long…

Not having done it myself, it’s hard to describe how to do it, but the article we followed seemed to make sense as we went.  Jilly says she just teased it away mostly, and it seemed to work very well.  You’ll note from the picture below that she did a very good job of keeping it all intact.

IMG_0715Note the yellow things – they were the upcoming yokes.  Next time, we’ll totally keep the kidneys and livers as they’re quite tasty and fun to eat, but this being our first we decided not to test our luck.  From this end, we could then finish off the job we started at the neck with getting the lungs, neck and oesophagus out.

End of Part 2.

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